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, if you come visit us here in new york city over the holidays, you'll likely see just one of two cities. manhattan is glittering and bustling, and the streets are packed, the stores are packed and the tree out back is up. drive toward the coast, to the places on the water that were ruined by the storm three weeks ago, and you'll find that life has largely stood still. the good news, most people are finding a way to help their neighbors. that includes the rockaways on the coast of the south of here where a group of men all local dads who call themselves the gray beards are making a difference. their story tonight from nbc's katy tur. >> reporter: across the bay from the brightly lit new york city skyline, a donated generator powers a meeting of the gray beards. >> just knocking on every single door is not impossible. >> reporter: over a can of bud, this home grown charity is plotting a rockaway comeback. >> we have to remind people, we're all in the same boat. >> the group of 180 firefighters, cops, executives and lawyers are the guys who make new york city work. keep things safe, and si
resources of abc news, with terry moran, cynthia mcfadden, and bill weir in new york city. this is "nightline," november 20th, 2012. >>> good evening. i'm terry moran. thanksgiving's only two days away now, which means that holiday shopping frenzy is upon us. and if your christmas list is threatening to do major damage to your bank account, you're not alone. when it comes to finding the very best deals on everything from smartphones to cameras to toys, the answer may be only an app away. abc's sharyn alfonsi brings us the new tricks to saving big for our series, "easy money." >> reporter: meet the perillo family. three sisters in constant motion. it doesn't leave a lot of time for working parents, like sarah and chris perillo, to do a lot of holiday shopping. >> we look for online free shipping. anything we can do to avoid the malls and bring three kids to the malls. >> reporter: increasingly, families like the perillos who struggle to find time to shop and the best deals are turning to the internet. this year, for the first time, more than half of us will shop online, spe
in new york city, police are hunting for a potential serial killer. they're now questioning a person of interest. they picked up a man believed to be the person you see here, spotted in surveillance video near two of the three execution-style murders. the victims were all middle eastern store owners and were all shot with the same gun. >>> and public nudity will soon be outlawed on the streets of san francisco. lawmakers approved the ban, after complaints that freedom of expression was beginning to spiral out of control. nudists filed a federal lawsuit, hoping to stop the ban from taking effect. that's a look at today's headlines. >> okay. >> however suddenly. >> save the nudity in san francisco. >> we'll be discussing that with sam at 8:00. >> we sure will. >>> for everyone on the move today for thanksgiving. as we told you, there's about 43 million americans out on the roads and in the planes and trains today. and our team's covering all of the angles on this busiest travel day of the year. sam starts us off with the latest on the trouble spots. sam? >> good morning, george. crowde
association of transportation regulars conference last week and i heard the city of new york is planning on issuing a request a proposal for drivers healthcare. in order to increase the level of coverage. i want to talk to new york city and other jurisdictions about leveraging multiple cities
and information services worldwide. from our studios in new york city, this is charlie rose. >> rose: we begin today with the middle east and continue our coverage of the conflict in gaza, hamas has fired close to 1,300 rockets into israel, many of them have been intercept bid the iron dome defense system, the israeli defense force is responding with air strikes on gaza, diplomatic efforts to secure a cease-fire have been unsuccessful so far. secretary of state hillary clinton met with prime minister netanyahu in a joint conflict the united states commitment to the israel is uncompromising. >> we came with a clear message, america's commitment to israel's security is rock solid and unwavering, that is why we believe it is essential to deescalate the situation in gaza. >> rose: the secretary of state travels to cairo tomorrow to take part in further negotiations, joining me now is rashid khalidi, he is the edward site professor of modern arab studies in columbia university, in washington dennis ross is with the washington institute for near east policy and a former u.s. envoy to the middle east
in the new york city area were locked in on those eyes too. >> yes. the northeast recovers from hurricane sandy new jersey governor chris christie is receiving praise for his handling of the storm. according to a quinnipiac university poll, 36% of new york city voters say christie did the best job responding to the disaster. 22% say president obama's response was strongest. not everyone is pleased with christie's performance. a "new york times" report suggests some republicans still resent the popular governor for doing his job. they say the governor's praise of the president hurt mitt romney's chance on election day. romney advisers refer to data showing a high number of undecided voters chose president obama at the last minute citing his handling of sandy as the major reason. >> come on, man. >> i want to say quickly about christie, how he's acting, what you're supposed to do running for president, him going on "snl" last weekend becoming part of the culture, being loose, making fun of himself is the complete opposite of what rubio is doing. that's the way you run for president. you don
. thanksgiving day parade, no problem whatsoever in new york city. 54 an sunny. there won't be issues with fog, just a few showers late in the day. once again, anyone in the midwest, especially near lake michigan and chicago, you are the travel trouble spot with dense fog. that's about it. >> thank you very much, bill. greatly appreciate it. let's turn to sports. setting up what is sure to be an epic collapse next year, the new york knicks remain the hottest team in basketball. last night they took on the hornets in new orleans. the first quarter, carmelo anthony with the spin move and foul. anthony would finish with 29 points. second quarter, knicks up by six. raymond felton with the wide-open three. knicks win 102-80. they own the best record in basketball at 8-1. >>> to the west coast, the lakers playing under new coach mike d'antoni who resigned from the knicks last year. ko kobe bryant dishing to gasol. the dunk. l.a. up by three, four seconds left. williams up for the three. it doesn't go. the lakers win their first game under coach d'antoni. they improve to 6-5. >>> finally ncaa history
possible on thursday and new york city will continue to see sunny skies into your thursday. all right. moving into east asia then, snow showers are still on going in the northern half of japan, particularly ho died owe and ploe blowing snow advisory and remaining wet for the next several hours. as this high pressure system expanding, clear i should say drier conditions should return from this afternoon. as for the south of japan, clear skies and the pacific side will turn wet from tonight. down towards the south and the philippines are experiencing another rainy day but rain should be dissipating on your thursday and more heavy rain is coming down in southern china. the provinces will be seeing the heaviest rain with up to 100 millimeters possible into the next 4 hours. that could be accompanied by thunderstorms as well as gusty winds and snow showers will be found in northeastern china and north korea from tonight. temperatures are looking like this, 4 degrees cooler than yesterday in tokyo, 14 degrees expected, single-digits in beijing and minus 9 and low on thursday could be minus
. the material girl is selling her new york city duplex for $23.5 million if you have that kind of money. it has six bedrooms and a view of central park. and get this, monthly maintenance alone is over $11,000. >>> all right. speaking of loads of cash, sean connery missed out on $450 million. so how in the world did that happen? well, the legendary actor was offered $10 million and 15% of the box office to play gandalf in the "lord of the rings" films. yeah. well, connery turned down the role because he, quote, didn't understand the script. the movies went on to make $2.29 billion, none of which was conry's. >>> well, you would think being named to barbara walters most fascinating people list would be the highlight of the week for one direction, but you would be wrong. the british boy band personally greeted queen elizabeth ii when they performed at royal albert hall in london. and one of the band members later said, today i met the queen. i can't believe it. >>> and finally in a recent interview cameron diaz made some bold claims. here is what she says. every woman wants to be objectified. the
is down right now on the busiest travel day of the year. currently in new york city. 53 degrees and 62 in raleigh and 80 currently looking for a daytime high in dallas and 70s on the gulf coast. >> brian: first story in sports is not the amazing newings. former world boxing champ hector camacho was shot in the face. he's in critical condition and shot in puerto rico. hit in the face and neck. another man in the car was killed. so far no motive was revealed. basketball now. lakers eeking out a win under the new coach mike d'antoni. they won over the nets. and we'll let you know how the new stadium s. unbelievable performance for the college hoopster last night. wake the kid and get them dress put them in the shower. jack taylor from division three granle college in iowa scored 138 points. that is a ncaa record. break them down. kilmeade, twen-27 three point and 52 of 108 shots from the field and 7-free throse and world's best basketball players took notice and listen what the pros say. charles jenkins. wouldn't be surprised if he transferred tomorrow with the points. kevin dur an. jack
for me is that if the upper end of sea level rise projections for new york city come to pass by late this century, we should expect to see sandy-level floods every 15 years or so. >> sreenivasan: ben strauss of climate central studies how rising seas affect coastal areas around the united states. he and other scientists project seas to rise another two feet by 2100. while sandy was staggering, sea-level rise made it even worse. >> we know today that the global sea level is eight inches higher from global warming than it was in the late 19th century. we know that the storm surge from sandy started eight inches higher than it would have started without global warming. >> reporter: new york decided to study the problem in 2008 when it created a task force to address climate change. but sandy has escalated the discussion about how new york can cope with rising water. from finding ways to live with flooding to holding back storm surge to retreating from coastal areas altogether. this man is a oashianing on rafer at the stevens institute of technology. he said the region needs to focus fir
for us. on november 24th, >>> if you enjoy dining with family one restaurant on new york city's staten island is taking pleasure to a whole new level, in an area hit very hard by hurricane sandy and while its employees were sparing direct harm, nowhey have a new sense of community, family and purpe. here's nbc's emcampo. >> reporter: and new yos is new city restaurant, it's bustling. >> pasta on plates. >> it's great. >> reporter: andn the kitchen andma. yeah, grandma. here there are no chefs, jt a team of real italian grandmas or nunas as they are calle with a different one cooking each night. though they mayook like pros in this kitchen mos have no restaurant experience and heard about the job through nepaper ad. i spoke to them in their native italian. for louisa, jus the thoughtf workg in a restaurant teified her but she says after a dayf training i realized it wasn't much different as cooking at home. the exhaustion, e work, the worry, it's all worth it, she says. owner jody aravella grew up in a big italian family when he openedheestaurant in 2007, he decided he wanted his restau
vian jewelers in new york city. he says that thieves are so brazen, they'll even target jewelers in new york's heavily fortified diamond district. >> they say there are more police officers on the street here than anywhere else in new york, and the reason is, it's not safe to be out here without a police officer. a lot of these guys are retired. look over to the left there. see the guy with the hat on? >> right. >> retired cop, bet you anything there to protect that fedex delivery person. >> turns out he was right. but loebl learned all of this the hard way. in 1999, he was followed leaving a department store in cincinnati. after waving off his police escort, he stopped at this restaurant. when he came out, a van screeched up next to his car. >> how many of them were there? >> five. >> how much did they get? >> they got over $5 million. >> it's a pretty good haul. >> it's a frightening-- it's a frightening haul. >> in 2003, south american gangs were responsible for 195 jewelry robberies, stealing more than $50 million in merchandise. this video, taken from a police helicopter, shows one
in new york city. more than 50 million viewers expected to watch the parade tomorrow morning. yeah, this is part of the traffic nightmare out there right now. stay with us. >>> time to toast today's close with this. will the earliest thanksgiving in five years affect the number of shoppers looking to jump start their holiday shopping on black friday weekend? we'll tell you next. [ male announcer ] trading's like a high-speed train. and you don't want to miss it with thinkorswim by td ameritrade. you get knock-your-socks-off tools, simple one-click orders, real-time paper trading to hone your skills, plus anytime you need it support. ♪ stocks, options, futures, and forex. get your trading on track. thinkorswim by td ameritrade. trade commission free for 60 days, plus get up to $600 when you open an account. >>> to toast today's market close, we asked, how many americans will be shopping this thanksgiving weekend? 147 million. that's down a little more than 3% from last year according to the national retail federation. close to 79 million people plan to stay home this year avoiding
in new york city. to find out where they stand on the fiscal cliff and the economy. here's what they told her. >> everyone is concerned all around the world. i think it's going to take -- and i'm not an economist, but listening to what everyone says, people i have great respect for -- it's going to take time and so much depends on what happens in europe and in asia and it's not just what happens in the u.s. but i still think that shouldn't discourage people from wanting to succeed and i think they have to be confident that you can do well even in tough times. >> i think we're always a bit scared about where the economy is globally and i think i'm not different from that. we just hope that it gets back on the right track and hopefully that's where it's going. >> i think it really causes the entrepreneurial spirit to thrive because people are no longer looking at the old mechanisms and the old ways that people are worried about wall street so they're not looking at wall street as a road. when they're thinking about finance, they're thinking about it in other ways. when they're thinking abou
: that and more tonight on nbr! >> susie: federal reserve chairman ben bernanke came to new york city today to send a tough message back to washington-- get your act together. he urged lawmakers and the white house to reach a quick deal to avoid the fiscal cliff, saying it might mean next year could be "a very good one for the economy." ben bernanke didn't endorse any specific tax or spending policies to solve the fiscal cliff, but he urged lawmakers to think creatively. he said an agreement on ways to reduce long-term federal budget deficits could remove road blocks to growth. on the other hand, going over the cliff might mean a recession. on top of that, worries about a deal were already causing trouble. > uncertainty about how the fiscal cliff, the raising of the debt limit, and the longer-term budget situation will be addressed appears already to be affecting private spending and investment decisions, and may be contributing to an increased sense of caution in financial markets. >> susie: wall street and business leaders were pleased that bernanke was talking tough. and they said the fe
charges. douglas kennedy was accused of trying to leave a suburban new york city maternity ward with his 2-day-old son last january. nurses also claimed kennedy injured them as they tried to prevent him from leaving. >>> top doctors are trying to make birth control pills a little more accessible. the nation's largest group of obstetricians and gynecologists says the pills should be sold over the counter, just like condoms. that also means it would no longer be covered by insurance. despite the recommendation, no one expects nonprescription birth control pills to be available anytime soon. >>> former boxing champ hector "macho" camacho is hospitalized but expected to survive after being shot in the face in puerto rico. police say camacho was sitting in a car near san juan, when at least one gunman opened fire. another man in that car was killed. camacho has had a series of legal problems since the prime of his career back in the '80s. >>> time for some sports news on this wednesday morning. we have the latest, now, from espn news. >> randy scott here with your espn update. we start with one
is selling her new york city duplex for $23.5 million. it has six bedrooms and get this monthly maintenance alone is over $11,000. >> i wonder if the door bell goes boom, boom, boom. >> good one, bill. >>> speaking of loads of cash, sean connery missed out on $450 mi million. >> listen up this is crazy. >> that's right. bill says listen up. he was offered 10% of the box office to play gandolf in the "lord of the rings" film. connery turned down the role because he didn't understand the script. is that a good enough excuse? just show up. the movies went on to make $2.9 billion. none of which is sean connery's. >> he could have had 15% of that? >> yep. >>> you would think being named to barbara walters most fascinating list would be the highlight for one direction. but you would be wrong. they greeted queen elizabeth ii when they performed in london. one of the band members said today i met the queen. can't believe it. keep it simple. >>> finally, in a recent interview, cameron diaz made some bold claims saying every woman wants to be objectified. the actress thinks it's empowering and says "
injured the other three. she still faces felony charges in those cases. >>> and new york city police hunting for a possible serial killer are questioning a person of interest. they picked up a man believed to be the person spotted in surveillance video near two of the three execution-style murders. now the victims were all middle eastern, store owners, shot with the same gun. officers took the man into custody in brooklyn last night after receiving a tip from nervous residents. >>> well, ahead of the big day tomorrow, thousands lined up in los angeles for the annual turkey dinner giveaway. the owner of a limousine company organized the event, providing the bird, cornbread, miamis, cranberry sauce, and more to senior citizens on fixed incomes and other families who are in need. one woman said the seven-hour wait was humbling but worth it. >>> speaking of waiting, these shoppers set up their tents yesterday outside a best buy in the garden state of new jersey. they are first in line for black friday bargains. the sisters work in the health care industry. and every year they take the en
, commissioner, if you feel differently. new york city i just wanted to know if you were vetting all five or the three in yellow. so, we're doing the three in yellow? >> yes. >> i would vet we do the three in yellow and come back next month -- >> final recommendation. we'd be happy to do that. >> so, is this an action item? >> no. >> okay, all right. thank you so much. once again, thanks for all of your help and efficiency. i know you have very little work to do over there. [laughter] >> i would just want to add, as we look at our matrix for vetting folks, i would also like to know about their staff. our mayor has just negotiated a wonderful relationship with the warriors coming to do business in our town. we'd like to know how people are going to play our folks as they do business in our town. so, i'd like to have that as part of what gets laid out. >> both in terms of who is going to be assigned, who is going to be their back office, how that works, who that gets let out to. so on and so forth. thank you. next. >> do we have any public comment on item number 5? >>> commissioners, henry
reserve chairman ben bernanke speaking today at the new york economic club in new york city, and his message to lawwakers in washington, fix the fiscal cliff and don't kick the can down the road. the commons the fed chief has everybody talking. john, always great to see you. i want you to respond to something the fed chairman had to say this afternoon. listen to this. >>n a worst-case scenario where the economy goes off the broad fiscal cliff, the largest fiscal cliff, don't think the fed has the tools to offset that. gerri: don't look at me, can do anything if you can't avoid the fiscal cliff. what did you make of that? speak of the war is quite complicit dumb explicit. if the u.s. goes over the fiscal cliff, the jump in taxes woul likely quickly push the u.s. economy into a recession and there is nothing the fed cado to prevent that from happening. gei: it seems to have unloaded everytng they have, the economy has to come back on its own now. >> they can do with the bank of japan is now supposedly considering, resort to negative interest rate policy. consumerwould be charged to kee
new york city, you decide we do not feel rich if you are in that bracket. they can expect to pay more taxes, i would guess come under this new system if the republicans were to say, okay, here is your tax increase. >> it all depends what the definition is. i believe the threshold will be increased. if the democrats want to increase revenue, perhaps it will come in the higher income brackets. in the first quarter of next year, we also have another fiscal cliff. that is raising the national debt ceiling. so we better get past this crisis because another is looming on the horizon. jon: are cooler heads going to prevail? there has been so much acrimony. the white house, you know, pushing senator reid to get a budget out of the senate. is there going to be some kind of a kumbaya moment? >> i think there is. i just read the tea leaves and you listen to nancy pelosi or harry reid, the majority leader of the senate. both have already said that there is going to be a deal well before christmas. i think that they know. pressure from low income people on the left. they want them to make a deal.
sandy will continue in new york city the rest of the week despite the holiday. and drivers nationwide will have to dig a bit deeper to fill up. the national average price of gas is just about $3.40 a gallon, a drienecline of 40 cents a gallon since october but still on track to set an all-time thanksgiving high. more than 20,000 flights were canceled and airports were closed for days. that industry was quick to bounce back as 3 million travelers are expected to fly this week. >> lingering side effects or after effects of airlines either operationally or financially, everything should be all systems go for this weekend. >> back on the new jersey turnpike, imagine these roads in a couple of hours. more than a million new jersey residents expected to be on the move today. although from my experience on the new jersey turnpike probably not moving as quickly as they would like. charlie? >> jim, remember what my mother used to say to me. just because you love cars you don't have to be the fastest and best driver on the road. >> your mother was a smart woman. i'll kee
. and of course, new york city, the big apple. they spent 57 hours or two and a half day sitting in traffic, especially if you're trying to get out of town on a friday afternoon. the number one worst city for traffic -- or not to believe this -- honolulu, waii. unbelievable. hawaiians would spend an average ♪ gerri: just how teep as the price of confidence? according to a new wells fargo's survey 250,000. americans with thakind of cash in their retirement account said it will be just fine in their golden years. retail retirement director. thank you for coming in tonight. the tipping point is 250,000. is that have more to do with reality orjust confidence? >> confidence. percent of these respondents is a more than 250,000 set i feel like it will be will to have the kind of retirement of want. gerri:hat's interesting, the majority of workers say they guess the percentage they need to put away. people who have more mone had been planned. is that because the more affluent can afford a plan or they're just more keyed and? >> what is interesting about this survey that we did was that two-thirds
friends, it is winning him friends in the northeast. according to a poll released on tuesday. new york city voters gave christie higher marks than mayor bloomberg for handling the storm. a full 89% approved of his performance. if christie can get reelected with big numbers and popular enough to put blue states like new jersey in play, then the republican party, which is terrified by. its inability to speak to voters beyond its base, they will be begging christie to run. begging. if he wins, and he wins big, they are not going to be mad of the him for long. joining me now is msnbc's joy reid. how are you? >> i'm doing well. >> so much as i think they will one day come to forgive chris christie, watch how his recent visit to "saturday night live" played with eric bowles. >> let's look at the republican acting like a democrat governor chris christie slobbering a wet kiss on president obama's cheek with days until the election. then this curious appearance on "saturday night live" while jersey still suffers from power outages and massive job losses. >> slobbering wet kiss. do you think i'm
degrees that's not too bad for the month of december new york city's jfk not expecting any precipitation today. in the 40s out there. in the 40s in atlanta georgia. satellite radar not much going on across the east or midwest. as we head west across portions of the pacific northwest this is where it has been unsettled. it is still unsettled. expect more rainfall and higher elevation snowfall. significant snowfall has been recorded across parts of the cascade sierra nevada over a foot of snow in the areas. we have seen reports of wind gusts over 100 miles per hour across the state of washington and other gone and significant rainfall as well. take a look at some of these reports. in oregon 7 inches in some spots. washington over 6 inches of course that rain is still coming down. >>> thank you very much heather. appreciate it. >> making it more enjoyable some are offering free yoga some are giving food shots and also christmas carollers. >> what do you do to pass the time at the airport. here are some of your responses. someone tweeted us this. i see how fast i can go on the walkalators i
to take a train. amtrak train from new york city to washington, d.c. on busiest day. unbelievable difficult to work through. the good news is i have something to read on the train. to get us started on the next one, this is untitled by greg gutfeld, his next book. unentitled is another greg gutfeld book and will do well if you buy it now. >> greg: "you of bob." >> bob:ly read it on the train. >> dana: it's in invisible ink. he is number seven debuting on the "new york times" best seller list. >> greg: you really don't have a lot to say in the "b" block. >> dana: is it not news that it is hard to travel on thanksgiving weekend. >> greg: we could run a segment from tomorrow. >> dana: but it's 36 in chicago and 78 in dallas. there is weather on the west coast. okay. i know. >> greg: you know how you make holidays easier? stagger the holidays by last name. if you are from "a" to "m" you do thanksgiving this week. "n" to "z" you do next week. that cuts the travel in half. >> dana: we're going to get something to talk about initially. eric will catch us up. you talked about the twinkies
frazier in new york city. >>> "the insider" is on. >>> when i recently went back in the hospital i was emotionally down. >> the "good morning america" anchor's new emotional hospital interview with her bone marrow donor sister. >> i was just like, why am i back here? >> the precautions taken to prevent infections. >>> plus, after reports request "good morning america's" coverage, what her gma family is saying. >>> how oprah's hyping up her bieber sit-down. >> there's never been a star
this is going to be our wake-up call and right now in new york city, the debate is over how much to increase fares in public transit and they -- the metrotransity authority wants to increase the price of riding a subway and the price of riding trains quite a bit, and so how does this make sense? we're supposedly having a wake-up call and we're making it harder for people to use public transit and that's because we don't have the resources that we need. >> you've been out on the devastation, why? >> i'm writing a book and the documentary to go with it and we were filming in the rockaways in staten island and in red hook, and also in the relief hubs where you just see a tremendous number of volunteers organized by occupy wall street. they call it occupy sandy. >> really? >> what i found is that the generosity is tremendous. i saw a friend last night and i asked her whether she'd been involved in the hurricane relief. they have my car, i hope they get it back. if you see it, tell me. people are tremendous. so one of the things that you find out in a disaster is you really do need a public secto
's 5:00 in new york city. this is "the five." ♪ ♪ >> eric: you know how when your friends who voted for obama are so in the cause they say progressives want to help the little guy and they have the values as all of us? the next time they sell you garbage two stories that are perfect examples of what the left does once they get power. by the way, not looking out for you. first up, george soros, the money behind the far left group, he wants chaos at wal-mart on black friday. height of the shopping season. they want picket leans, flash mobs and mass destructions at wal-mart stores. is that what you want when you bring your kids shopping the day after thanksgiving? greg, i am going first off, can you imagine that you walk in a wal-mart, day after thanksgiving, and they have picket signs in the parking lot. you're crazy. >> greg: george soros wouldn't know a wal-mart if he bought one. this is as far away from the billionaire's life. is he the self-appointed labor secretary? why doesn't obama appoint him as the destroy america czar? he hates this place. by the way, chopping is,
did speak with one family traveling to new york city for the big weekend. they say with the recent hurricane in that area, they planned for the weather and potential delays. >> we just plan to go knowing it's going to be crazy an insane. my only worry was the hurricane, that's all gone now. so whatever happens, happens. it's going to be great. >> reporter: now, weather did setback travelers yesterday about 81 flights within california were canceled because of weather and had were rerouted. we want to show you tips that we have for you. one, check your own bags. some let your tag your own bag and skip the line. two, tsa has a precheck program if you sign up you can pass through a separate security line. and three, there are new smartphone apps that keep track of how long you will spend in security lines so you can plan ahead. we want to make note that the excessive travelers are here in sfo as well as the south bay. we have a live look at san jose airport. they are expecting an uptick in travelers as well and today, they tell us it's expected to be their busiest day. now, the airpor
in new york city. we are getting weekly u.s. unemployment benefit numbers this morning because the markets are closed this morning. they did fall to 410,000. the numbers distorted because of super storm sandy that is expected to happen for awhile. futures are flat this morning. we'll keep an eye on things for you. >>> we'll smile and say good morning, to you. thank you for joining us here. it is wednesday november 21st i'm dave clark. >> and i'm claudine wong. pam cook has the morning off. your time is 6:30. >> in the news for you right now. if you are heading out give yourself extra time. the roads are wet. driving is dangerous. this is what what happened overnight in oakland. a driver lost control because of the rain. luckily no one was hurt here. the rain also causing a lot of flooding all over the bay area. this is what it was like at the broadway off ramp in oakland just hours ago. the chp says about five inches of water built up there and it's a real concern for drivers everywhere. >>> happening now is one of the busiest travel days of the year. we want to give you a live
of new york city into the suburbs, connecticut and such. and as you can see we're already hitting some traffic. in fact, this is the busiest travel day. 43.6 million americans traveling today and most of us are traveling by car. 90% of travel today is by car. if you want to impress your friends, average distance 588 miles. also another interesting tidbit here. in the northeast getting a rental car is nearly impossible. thousands of cars were ruined by the floodwaters of sandy and so all of these major car companies are really down on their stock and obviously the demand is very high here near the holidays. good luck getting a rental car in the northeast. air travel, some good news there. the airports will be emptier. airfare is actually down. the average cost for a domestic ticket here around thanksgiving, $188. that is down 11% from last year. that's good news. the final way people are traveling, the final three ways, trains, buses, and cruise ships. 1.3 million americans traveling that way. as you can see, we're sitting in traffic. i think we'll get there eventually. i'm told my mom'
and november 25. we spoke to one family traveling to new york city for the big weekend and with the recent hurricane they told us they plan for the weather and potential delays. >> we just planned to go the day before knowing it was going to be a crazy insane day in this weather and all that. my only worry was the hurricane and storm and all that stuff but that's all gone now. so whatever happens, happens. it's going to be great. >> reporter: now, back home to give you an idea of how weather affected flights here, about 81 flights within california yesterday were canceled and those travelers were moved around because of weather so these are tips to keep in mind. we have some holiday tricks as you get ready to travel here if you are flying out of sfo or any airport in the bay area. one, check your own bags. some airlines will actually let you skip the baggage counter and tag your bag yourself. two, precheck with tsa. they have a new program, if you sign up you can pass through a separate security line. three, there are new smartphone apps that keep track of security lines so you will know h
of people. thank you so much, maria larosa. and anybody who's coming into new york city should know that a lot of midtown is blocked off, especially mid midtown, fifth, sixth, seventh avenue because of the parade. get out your walking shoes. i'm chris jansing. here is hoping you and yours do have a very happy thanksgiving. thomas roberts is up next. you're not the cook, are you. >> i'm not. we're volunteering tomorrow. >> good for you. >> so we both get out of cooking. how about you? >> i'm going to get on a plane, go to north carolina where it should be nice and sunny at the beach, see my family. >> have a fantastic time. >> thank you. >> happy thanksgiving. enjoy your time off. >> thank you. >>> next hour, rapid developments in the middle east as second toir clinton holds talks for a cease-fire between israel and the gaza strip. meanwhile, a bus explosion in tel aviv has injured 19 people. we'll bring you up to speed on the details of that. then to afghanistan and general jon allen back on the job in kabul. but the investigation continues into his knowledge and involvement with th
's miami's airport, new york city, atlanta, we'll check in on all of these airports coming up to let you know what your getaway is going to look like. ♪ [ engine revs ] ♪ ♪ [ male announcer ] the mercedes-benz winter event is back, with the perfect vehicle that's just right for you, no matter which list you're on. [ santa ] ho, ho, ho, ho! [ male announcer ] lease a 2013 c250 for $349 a month at your local mercedes-benz dealer. how they'll live tomorrow. for more than 116 years, ameriprise financial has worked for their clients' futures. helping millions of americans retire on their terms. when they want. where they want. doing what they want. ameriprise. the strength of a leader in retirement planning. the heart of 10,000 advisors working with you one-to-one. together for your future. ♪ who have used androgel 1%, there's big news. presenting androgel 1.62%. both are used to treat men with low testosterone. androgel 1.62% is from the makers of the number one prescribed testosterone replacement therapy. it raises your testosterone levels, and... is concentrated, so you could use l
, hospitality and tourism really drives the economy in a lot of cities. you think about how are new york and atlantic city, how are they going to sort of recover post- hurricane sandy? that's really about tourism dollars there. so that makes a huge difference all across the economy, is sort of fueling those tourism dollars. the other piece of it is, we are just better workers and we get better work done when we are well-rested and take vacations. study after study shows while we may worry that taking vacation time makes us look bad at work, we are actually more creative and more productive when we take vacation. and it's better for our employers, too. so, people who take their vacation time are more likely to stay at their jobs because they are just happier there. > > what are some other reasons why we skip vacations? i have a feeling some of that has to do with we don't want to let our co-workers down. if you are gone, that means somebody has to cover for you. > > there is a lot of guilt associated with vacation, that is for sure. and that's one of the reasons why americans, even when w
to see delays for the new york city area as well as newark. so just call ahead if you are traveling, that's always a good idea. your thanksgiving day. here is our turkey. 51 in new york for the parade. there is another turkey it was supposed to make noise, though. megyn: it's got the right idea. run, run. don't you find it sick that we celebrate thanksgiving by showing the turkey and celebrating these live cute little turkeys and we all know what's going to happen to the turkey. >> reporter: you just ruined it for me. megyn: it's a little sick. >> reporter: these turkeys are safe here is what i would like. tomorrow instead of that crawl we typically see that gives us the news. how about turkeys all day long. turkeys we won't eat. i'm going to have a non-turkey feast base of that. megyn: i'm going to eat the turkey but i'm going to feel bad about it and that's what makes me a good person. >> reporter: i'm thankful for a lot of things. i'm thankful for you. megyn: see you soon. florida senator marco rubio was asked about the age of the earth and the senator and presidential hope filth many
is a nightmare. >> it is like rain in new york city. it rains water there. every day, every hour, tens of rockets here in the city. unbelievable! >> you cannot imagine how we feel now when you hear the rockets and missiles, when the israeli raids and the palestinian buildings. i have a daughter. she's always hugged me because she's frightened. >> more than 130 palestinians have been killed since the art of the recent violence eight days ago. many of them women and children and five israelis have died. >>> new this morning, secretary of state, hillary clinton, is condemning the bombing of a bus in tel aviv. as little alison burns -- as alison burns reports, she's trying to broker a truce. >> reporter: the immediate hope is for a cease-fire that will allow more time for some sort of diplomatic breakthrough. but it seems this morning that hopes are fading. this bus bombing hurt 18 people, three seriously. hamas praised the attack but did not claim responsibility. secretary of state hillary clinton issued a statement saying the u.s. strongly condemns the bombing. and is ready to provide any assistanc
in our office in new york city and in order to do that, it's $1600. even though it's one hour's worth of work, because it is a union building and only union workers can install that rod, and you could only have the -- you have to pay the union workers for the day, the full day. >> one guy to walk the pole in, one guy holds the bolts, another guy to screw the bolts in, another guy to see if it's on straight. my concern, what about the public projects, stuart, that push out private construction companies that could come in and do the work for cheaper? a lot of times it is the taxpayer funding these very costly public construction projects. stuart: this building in china, i'm sure just going to be the concrete just going up. >> you have no workers rights there, no minimum wage. stuart: that's true. >> they can work 24 hours a day and so on. stuart: california at it again with more environmental issues. the formerly golden state rolled out its new cap and trade plan, with a pollution permit sellout. businesses bought all the 23 million permits available at $10 each. they allow companies t
in the parade. if you can't make it to the new york city -- >> the other "sesame street" components are going to be there. i did see that statement. is there an elmo balloon? all the "sesame street" is going to be there as is irrespective of the kevin clash news. we can talk about that if you want a little later. >> i don't want to talk about it. >> if you can't make it to the streets of new york city to see the parade in person, nbc is going to have full parade coverage, it starts at 9:00 a.m. eastern. "squawk" will be right back. [ penélope ] i found the best cafe in the world. nespresso. where i never have to compromise on anything. ♪ where just one touch creates the perfect coffee. where every cappuccino and latte is only made with fresh milk. and where the staff is exceptionally friendly. ♪ nespresso. what else? olaf gets great rewards for his small business! pizza! [ garth ] olaf's small business earns 2% cash back on every purchase, every day! helium delivery. put it on my spark card! [ pop! ] [ garth ] why settle for less? great businesses deserve great rewards! awesome!!! [ male
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